The Importance of Luck and the Right Attitude Towards It


Luck plays an important role in life, as many people know. However, how we accept and use luck can make a significant difference in our lives. This article introduces two perspectives on luck and suggests the right ways to handle it in different situations.


1. When Life Goes Well

When life is going smoothly, we often take pride in our achievements. However, it is essential to recognize that our success is partly due to luck. Being humble about our achievements helps us grow into better people. Conversely, thinking that all our success is 100% due to our skills can lead to arrogance, which can negatively affect our lives.

Maintaining a humble attitude helps us act more prudently. This reduces unnecessary mistakes and prevents significant accidents. On the other hand, arrogance can lead us to take dangerous actions, increasing the likelihood of making mistakes.

2. When Life Does Not Go Well

When life gets tough and we face difficult situations, we often think it is due to bad luck. However, this attitude does not help solve problems. Instead, we should face our issues directly and strive to find solutions.

Thinking that bad luck is to blame prevents us from utilizing our abilities and leads to greater frustration. Therefore, in difficult situations, it is crucial to reflect on our actions and choices. Asking ourselves questions like, “Did I miss something?” helps us find the root cause of the problem.

3. A Balanced View of Luck

In conclusion, when life goes well, we should acknowledge our good luck and remain humble. When life does not go well, we should reflect on our responsibilities. This balanced view helps us handle every moment in life more wisely.

In difficult situations, instead of blaming luck, we should look for the changes and efforts needed. This attitude empowers us to lead our lives in a better direction. Therefore, through a positive attitude and self-reflection, we can live a better life.


Luck plays a significant role in our lives, but how we accept and utilize it is up to us. Through humility and self-reflection, we can better handle every moment in life. This attitude helps us live a more mature and successful life.

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