Success Lessons for a Better Life from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett


Filling your schedule to the brim is not necessary for success.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, these two global success figures, have shared valuable lessons with each other over their 30-plus years of friendship. They provide crucial insights on how to work for success and happiness, sharing important lessons from their lives and work. Especially, Gates has gained invaluable lessons on schedule management and efficient work methods from his experiences. In this article, we will explore the key lessons they shared and discuss how we can apply them to our daily lives.

1. Lighten your schedule

Gates confessed on Meta’s Threads app, “It took me too long to realize that you don’t need to fill every moment of your schedule to be successful.” He managed an extremely tight schedule during his time as Microsoft’s CEO but learned an important lesson from Buffett’s simpler schedule. Lightening your schedule is akin to controlling your time. Buffett’s schedule included days with nothing planned, which he explained as the secret to efficient and productive work.

2. Work smarter, not harder

Buffett advised, “Don’t work harder, work smarter.” According to research from Stanford University, working more than 50 hours per week significantly reduces a worker’s efficiency. Additionally, the study found that those working 70 hours a week accomplish the same amount of work as those working 55 hours. Excessive working hours decrease productivity. Therefore, it is important to manage time efficiently and focus on core tasks.

3. The importance of proper rest

Research from 2021 suggests that the optimal amount of daily free time is up to 9.5 hours. While this may seem unrealistic for most workers, securing more discretionary time can reduce stress and benefit health. Finding a healthy work-life balance is key to long-term success. Gates mentions that it took him a long time to find a healthy work-life balance and advises taking breaks when needed and allowing those around you to have downtime.

4. The importance of relationships

Drawing from his own experience, Gates advises, “Take time to develop relationships, celebrate successes, and recover from losses.” This means valuing relationships with those around you and growing together with them, rather than solely focusing on work.


The advice from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett offers us important lessons. For success, efficient schedule management, smart working methods, adequate rest, and healthy relationships are essential. By implementing these lessons, we can lead a better life. Remember and practice these wisdoms on your journey towards success.

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