The Importance of Speech Caution: Lessons from the Pisic University Incident


We all communicate through words in our daily lives, but we should never underestimate the power of words. The recent incident involving the YouTube channel Pisic University offers us a significant lesson. It makes us deeply reflect on why we need to be cautious with our words.

1. Lessons from the Pisic University Incident

The Pisic University incident shocked many people. During the filming of a YouTube video, certain regions were mocked and ridiculed. This incident illustrates how a simple joke can cause substantial problems, emphasizing the importance of being mindful of what we say in public.

2. The Danger of Regional Slurs

Similarly, in daily life, we must remember that even casual jokes can deeply hurt others. Regional slurs, in particular, need to be avoided. What seems like a harmless joke to one person can be a significant insult to someone living in that region.

3. The Problem with Occupational Insults

Occupational insults should also be treated with extreme caution. Even if someone has a negative perception of their job, a third party’s derogatory remarks can cause deep hurt. Respecting each other’s professions is essential.

4. Memories of Insult Last Long

People may forget many things, but the memory of deep insult lingers. It’s akin to a childhood experience of being scolded harshly in front of friends, which can leave a lifelong scar. Therefore, causing someone to feel insulted is something that should never be done.

5. Words Often Bring Trouble Rather Than Benefit

Lastly, we should remember that words often cause trouble more than they bring benefits. A single wrong word can spark significant conflict, so it’s crucial to develop the habit of speaking cautiously.


Words are a vital tool for our communication, but they also carry inherent risks. The Pisic University incident clearly demonstrates the importance and potential dangers of our words. In daily life, we should always remember to respect and consider each other, and cultivate a habit of speaking with caution.

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