The Secret to Success: Mastering Problem-Solving


What do successful people have in common? The answer to this question is surprisingly simple: they excel at solving problems. This is not merely a skill or talent but stems from effectively addressing various issues faced by humanity.


1. Global Issues: Low Birth Rate and Labor Shortage

The issue of low birth rates is not unique to South Korea; it is a global phenomenon. However, South Korea is notable for the speed at which this is happening. Nonetheless, humanity has always found ways to solve such issues. The labor shortage is no exception. The advancement of AI and robotics is expected to revolutionarily improve the labor shortage issue. This can already be glimpsed through the actions of big tech companies.

2. Investment Strategies for the Future

Investing in companies that solve future problems is a wise investment strategy. Investing in individual stocks can be challenging, but investing in the S&P 500 index is a good approach. This index necessarily includes innovative companies.

3. Common Traits of High-Income Jobs

In practical terms, people who are highly valued share the common trait of effectively solving others’ problems. Doctors and lawyers are high-income earners because they directly solve someone’s problems. They faithfully fulfill their roles as problem solvers.

4. The Importance of Problem Solvers

Ultimately, the type of person we should aspire to be is a problem solver. Not someone who neglects or avoids problems, but someone who solves them. The reason such individuals inevitably succeed is that they provide great value to society. Therefore, to achieve success, we must collaborate with these problem solvers and strive to become one ourselves.

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