The Reasons We Should Live Hard and How to Find Meaning in Life


Why should we live hard?

The reason we should live hard is simple: to avoid a boring life. If you don’t live hard, you can’t live an enjoyable life. Even if you have a lot of money or are successful, life can be boring if you don’t live hard. People who seek easy fun are more likely to fall into temptations like gambling or drugs. To live a healthy and enjoyable life, you need to be diligent.


1. How to avoid boredom

A boring life leads to various idle thoughts. When you have many unnecessary thoughts, it’s easy to fall into strange worries. For example, you might start questioning the meaning of life or thinking it would be better to give up. To escape these idle thoughts, you need to stay busy to live an enjoyable life. Nothing in the world is free. Expecting a fun life while being lazy is impossible.

2. The importance of immersion and challenges

To find fun in life and live valuably, you must constantly challenge and overcome. Living carelessly is not comfortable. If you avoid learning because it’s troublesome and remain lazy, life becomes increasingly boring. You need to develop the habit of living with immersion. Finding work that gives you a sense of mission is crucial. For me, creating content is an example. This work is not just a hobby.

3. The passion of successful people

Why do successful people, like Baek Jong-won, live hard? Because it is more interesting and fun. Of course, some people are suited to a leisurely life. But if you are not one of those people, living hard strategically is worthwhile.

4. The value of a meaningful life

Whether it’s work, exercise, or relationships, deeply immersing in and consistently creating meaningful value in anything is one of the blessings given to humans. I also believe this, and I think my life has improved a bit because of this belief.


The reason we should live hard is simple: to make life fun and meaningful. By living diligently, you can escape idle thoughts and live a meaningful life through immersion and challenges. Emulate the passion of successful people and live life from various angles. This whole process is a blessing given to us.

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