The Pitfall of Consistency and the Importance of Strategic Effort Focused on Results


1. The Importance of Feedback on Results

It is often said that not being fixated on results is important, but this is not always the case. If efforts are not yielding results, it is crucial to take feedback seriously and understand what is going wrong. Identifying areas for improvement through feedback and adjusting methods accordingly is essential. Unchanging effort can be a waste of time.

2. The Need for a Flexible Approach

Effort does not automatically produce good results. Just like changing your workout routine to match your physical condition, the direction of your effort should also be adjusted according to the situation. It is important not just to work hard blindly, but to continuously think about how to achieve better results and update methods accordingly.

3. The Trap of Stubbornness

A sad example is people who stick to wrong methods. Because they have invested a long time in wrong methods, abandoning them can feel like denying the time they have invested. However, switching to the right methods ultimately brings better results. Do not regret the time spent; instead, embrace new strategies.

4. The Need for Strategic Updates

The mindset of ‘just do it!’ is important, but it does not mean to act recklessly. Once you start, it is necessary to continually update your strategy by observing the results. Combining consistency and flexibility yields better results. The key to success is continuously checking and improving the direction of your efforts.


Consistency is important, but it is always necessary to check and correct whether the consistency is heading in the right direction. Remember that strategic effort creates results.

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