The Art of Self-Presentation and Etiquette at Work


Success at work often requires more than just hard work. It’s essential to make your value known to supervisors and colleagues. Today, we will explore why self-presentation and etiquette are important in the workplace and how to use them effectively.


1. The Importance of “Showing” Over Working Hard

Working hard is fundamental, but showing how hard you’ve worked is just as important. The ability to make difficult tasks appear challenging to your superiors helps you be seen as a valuable employee. To develop this skill, you need to package the difficulty and achievements of your tasks effectively without underestimating them.

2. The Need for Active Self-Promotion

Waiting quietly for your achievements to be recognized is often not enough. It’s important to actively promote your accomplishments. For instance, if you successfully complete an important project, it’s beneficial to explain the challenges you faced and how you overcame them in detail.

3. The Paradox of Humility

Humility is a virtue, but excessive humility can be harmful in the workplace. When someone praises you, instead of overly downplaying yourself, you should say “thank you” and acknowledge your value. Excessive humility might give the impression that you underestimate your abilities.

4. Etiquette as a Skill

Workplace etiquette is not just a survival strategy. Etiquette is considered a crucial skill, just like work performance. If a colleague with similar achievements is promoted faster than you, it means they excel in areas beyond their work tasks.

5. The Company Knows Everything

One common misconception is that the company doesn’t recognize an individual’s true capabilities. In large organizations, it is challenging to succeed solely through self-presentation and office politics. Companies have various systems to assess and evaluate employees’ abilities.


Success at work goes beyond mere diligence. It requires the ability to effectively present and promote your value, along with appropriate etiquette. These skills are essential for surviving and thriving in the workplace. Actively promote your achievements, maintain humility while recognizing your worth, and develop your workplace etiquette.

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