The Essence of Exercise: Why We Must Exercise


Exercise is an essential element of our lives. It’s not just a physical activity but an instinctive need deeply embedded in our genes. Through exercise, we can manifest our survival instincts and fulfill our sense of competitiveness. Let’s delve into why we need to exercise more specifically.


1. The Connection Between Exercise and Patriotism

Many people may wonder why athletes are often pressured to exhibit patriotism. This is not merely a relic of militaristic regimes. Sports serve as a peaceful arena for competition, substituting for war, where nations compete with pride without any fatalities. In this context, the connection between sports and patriotism is natural.

2. The Origins and Symbolism of Sports

Looking at the origins of sports, it served as a substitute for war. In the past, nations competed through war, but as civilization progressed, sports took its place. Sports is a competitive arena involving national pride, yet it is peaceful and safe. This is a well-discussed topic in cultural anthropology.

3. Human Evolution and the Importance of Exercise

Exercise plays a crucial role in human evolution. Our ancestors had to run faster and longer to survive. Exercise awakens our sense of competitiveness and stimulates our primal survival instincts. In modern society, these instincts are not often utilized, but exercise allows us to fulfill them.

4. Exercise and Modern Society

Modern society has become much more comfortable and safe compared to the past. However, our genes still retain primal survival instincts. Exercise is an important means to manifest these instincts. Therefore, exercise is essential for our physical and mental health.


In conclusion, exercise is essential for maintaining our physical and mental health. It is not just a physical activity but an important act that manifests our survival instincts deeply embedded in our genes. Therefore, everyone can lead a healthier and happier life through exercise.

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