Examining GE’s Corporate Split Success: Bernova and Aerospace Stock Rise Secrets


GE’s corporate split has garnered significant attention on Wall Street, as both GE Aerospace and GE Bernova have seen their stock prices rise. Particularly, GE Bernova’s stock surge has exceeded expectations, showing remarkable performance. This article will examine the achievements and the background of GE’s split.

1. Background of GE’s Split

GE had been operating various business segments for a long time, but split the company to allow each segment to grow independently. This strategy enabled each company to leverage its strengths to achieve greater performance. GE Aerospace and GE Bernova are prime examples of this success.

2. Reasons for GE Bernova’s Stock Rise

GE Bernova has received significant attention on Wall Street due to its low valuation and low expectations. JP Morgan analyst Mark Strauss raised the target price for GE Bernova from $163 to $173, maintaining a buy rating. This is because GE Bernova’s stock rose about 25% since the end of March, becoming the fifth-best performing stock in the S&P 500.

3. Performance of GE Aerospace

GE Aerospace is a leading company in the aerospace industry with strong margins and market share. GE engines power about three-quarters of the world’s commercial aircraft. GE Aerospace is valued at about 17 times the expected 2025 EBITDA, significantly higher than the average EBITDA multiple of the S&P 500.

4. Success of GE Healthcare Technologies

The third GE-related company, GE Healthcare Technologies, spun off in early 2023 and saw its stock price rise by about 34%. The sound condition of the healthcare division allowed analysts and investors to easily assess its valuation, greatly contributing to the stock’s rise.


GE’s corporate split provided an opportunity for each segment to grow independently, resulting in positive outcomes like stock price increases. GE Bernova and GE Aerospace have each leveraged their strengths to meet investor expectations. This success story exemplifies how strategic corporate splits can yield substantial results when well executed.

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