Essential Questions for Thriving in the AI Era


Why are you learning AI?

We are experiencing many changes in the AI era. Amid the pressure to learn and use AI, we often miss important questions. This article aims to explore the philosophical questions to consider before diving into AI.


1. Why?

Many people invest a lot of time and effort in learning technology, but they lack contemplation about what they aim to achieve with it. In Korea, students rarely ponder why they study, and workers seldom question why they earn money. This results from confusing goals with methods. While learning technology is crucial, contemplating ‘why’ should come first.

2. What for?

We all pursue happiness, yet often fail to clearly define what it is. Questions like “What do I want to do?”, “What am I living for?”, and “When am I happiest?” are highly philosophical but deeply personal. Finding answers to these questions can enrich our lives.

3. The reason for learning AI

There is a global AI craze. Many people strive to learn AI but often can’t clearly explain why. Reasons like “I can’t live in this world without it,” “I don’t want to fall behind,” or “Everyone is doing it” are insufficient. The reason for learning AI lies in finding specific answers to ‘what’ and ‘how’ to use it.

4. Understanding the essence of technology

Even without fully understanding technology, we already use various technologies. For instance, most people use the internet without knowing its underlying theories or protocols. The same goes for AI. In a few years, even elementary school students will easily use AI. The important thing is to know the specific purposes and methods for using AI effectively.

5. Continuous self-questioning

Despite the advent of the AI era, some things remain unchanged. Fundamental human issues can only be resolved by the individual. Continuous questioning and contemplation about ‘why AI is needed’ and ‘how to use it’ are essential. In seeking answers to these questions, our lives will become more meaningful and happier.


To thrive in the AI era, it’s crucial not just to learn technology but to deeply contemplate what you aim to achieve with it. Through questions like ‘why’ and ‘what for,’ we can enrich our lives. AI is merely a tool; what matters is what we strive to accomplish with it. Start asking yourself these questions now and begin the journey to find your answers.

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